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Volleyball Ankle Supports - The Pros and Cons of Ankle Braces

Benefits of Using Volleyball Ankle Supports The two most profound benefits that come to mind are: Volleyball Injury Prevention As discussed in the study published in 2002, there is a substantial amount of evidence from various sources to indicate that ankle supports significantly decrease dangerous ankle motions from occurring.

The pros & cons of ankle braces | The Sports Doctor

The pros & cons of ankle braces. Tweet. By The Sports Doctor , July 26, 2012 at 9:38 pm. In sports and non sports alike, one of the most common injuries is ankle sprains & strains of varying ...

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5 Best Volleyball Ankle Braces For Pro-Level Support

Pros and cons of ankle braces for volleyball. There is a strong argument to be made that ankle braces are sufficiently effective at preventing injury that all players would wear them during practice and at games. However, anke braces can impair performance.

To Brace or not to Brace?: That is the Question – Volleyball Base

The found that using an ankle brace would actually increase the feedback from your internal receptors, and will lead to an improved ankle joint position sense. Nishikawa and Grabiner (1999) did a very similar study. They also found that application of the ankle brace excited the receptors, most likely those that are to do with the skin.

Wearing Ankle Braces: Busting myths and preventing repeat injury

You’re at a higher risk if you’ve previously injured your ankle or if you’re competing in jumping sports (as opposed to running, in which there is a significantly lower risk of ankle injury). The downside to wearing a brace is that you may decrease mobility to gain stability.

5 Best Beach Volleyball Ankle Support Braces - Sand ...

Using Ankle Braces for Beach Volleyball. Wearing an ankle brace can be a useful part of rehab and future injury prevention. However, it shouldn’t be a replacement for ankle strengthening exercises. Your goal should always be to get your ankle back to 100% so you don’t need to rely on the brace.