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Kashmir Willow vs English Willow: What’s the Difference ...

A Kashmir Willow cricket bat is much cheaper than an English Willow cricket bat. Furthermore, although it doesn’t have the best response and a ping to the cricket ball, it still is a great value for money! The Kashmir Willow cricket bats are most suited for junior cricket or if you are beginning to play cricket.

English willow vs Kashmir willow. Which should you choose?

You will need a high-performance bat. English willow has a number of grains, which are visible compared to Kashmir willow. Grains are the lines that run down the face of the bat. Generally, the more there are, and the straighter they are, the better the quality of the bat.

English Willow vs. Kashmir Willow Cricket Bats - What's The ...

Kashmir willow is harder and less responsive, which means less power will be generated when playing a shot. English willow offers more value per shot, with a longer and wider middle creating a more responsive surface when hitting the ball. Regarding longevity, it’s safe to say that Kashmir willow bats do not last as long as an English willow bat.

Kashmir Willow vs English Willow: Types of Cricket Bats ...

The vast majority of professional cricketers will use English willow as their preferred choice. Kashmir willow has some benefits but English wood is more durable and provides better performance over time and that’s why it’s preferred by the majority of professionals.

English Willow vs Kashmir Willow - Cricket Gearz

Cricket bats are known to be made predominantly by either English Willow or Kashmir Willow. English willows as they are popularly known, is primarily because its grown, harvested and supplied out of south England (Essex & Suffolk) and the botanical name of the tree is Salix Alba var. Caerulea, sometimes also referred to as white willow.

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Kashmir Willow vs English Willow: The Truth About Cricket Bats

Colour – The English willow cricket bat is often whiter than Kashmir willow, however, this is only because Kashmir willow can vary more in colour. Kashmir willow can often be indistinguishable from English willow as often the paler colours are turned into cricket bats.

Kashmir vs. English: The Battle of the Willows – Sturdy Sports

Kashmir vs. English: The Battle of the Willows. Willow is the only wood that is used to make cricket bats. A batsman may be very skilled, but a good bat offers an added advantage to his game. Willow provides the perfect blend of strength and compression needed for a cricket bat.