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by Not Zero | 12:18 am

The startup EcoFlow Tech, promises to be a feature-packed portable power station called RIVER that can charge up to 11 gadgets simultaneously, with an onboard inverter to allow for plugging in two AC devices at once. It is a mobile power station that boasts of a revolutionary design and numerous charging ports including a 12V car port, two DC outlets, two USB Type C, two USB, two AC outlets, and two Quick charges 2.0 USB.

Total output of 500 Watts from a 412Wh Li-ion battery and you can charge it in many ways via a car jack, wall socket, or solar power, it’s really very smart. The RIVER weighs in at only 11 pounds, which is impressive considering. What’s more impressive is this mobile power station that is like a mini generator can hold charge up to one whole year. It is also portable and lightweight. The portable solar and backup battery market is heating up, with new manufacturers entering the fray almost daily with offerings that promise lighter, higher capacity, and more practical models that can power anything and river is indeed promising lot more .

The RIVER is a solar generator with a high capacity battery that can be charged with:


Solar panel


When attached with the company’s elective 50W folding panel, It take 10-15 hours of bright sunlight to get fully charged.

The 50W panel seems a little too small for the RIVER.

AC Outlet


The unit can be charged via an AC outlet  and it take 6 hours.

Car 12V Outlet


With a car 12V outlet it will take 9 hours.




Lithium-ion battery with capacity of 116,000mAh and total output of 500 W . It is enough to provide about 30 smartphone charges, or up to 9 laptop charges, or even to run a mini-fridge for 10 hours.


Operating Temperature


The RIVER  operating temperature is between -4 and 140 degrees F, which is a rather generous range, and the unit does have a fan and temperature controls to avoid overheating, as well as electronic protection from surges, and the protective case uses IP63 certified material (water resistant, shock-proof, dust-proof).

RIVER cost around $459.Package with RIVER and 50W solar panel will cost around $700 with an 18-month warranty

Deliveries of the finished products are expected in July of 2017.

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I was recommended this website by my cousin. I am not sure whether this post is written by him as no one else know such detailed about my trouble. You are wonderful! Thanks!

Jul 17.2017 | 10:14 am

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