by Not Zero | 3:34 pm Refreshing wet shave under the shower or a quick dry shave that you need when in a hurry, you can enjoy with the Philips AquaTouch shaver for men. The shaver comes with CloseCut blades that have rounded edges to give you a close yet comfortable shave every morning.

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The shaver is 100% waterproof. You can use it in the shower with your shaving gel or foam for extra skin protection and also shave dry with convenience. When you’re done, simply pop the heads open and rinse under the tap to easily clean your shaver.

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CloseCut blades have rounded edges that glide smoothly on your skin, so you always get a close – yet comfortable – shave. For maximum performance, replace your shaving heads every 2 years.

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Shaver is Cordless one and it is very convenient, but it last only for 30 min (approx) . Fully recharges in 10 hours.

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Shaver has a full-width, pop-up trimmer which is perfect for grooming sideburns and mustache.

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Philips is providing 2-year worldwide guarantee and can adapt to any voltage.

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If you need a trimmer, don’t buy this product, buy a proper trimmer instead. This is a shaver and does what it says. Don’t use it for full-on trimming. It’ll take you almost a month to get used to this. Till then, red skin rashes and minor left-over spots are common. Consider this time as a training period. If some portion is not getting shaved, don’t press the shaver to skin. You’ll end up with red burning rashes. Try changing the angle at that spot and you will see the effect. Identifying this angle is the key, which will take time.

Always use a shaving gel/cream on your beard before you use this shaver to minimise the pain. Remember, shaving with even a good quality traditional razor without any shaving gel/cream will also hurt. Don’t blame the product straightaway for this pain. The problem lies in our hard beard. Have patience and time.

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