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You lost your job or even you only quit, or even you’re thinking of quitting. Losing your job is one of the most difficult things a professional could face in their career – especially when it’s completely unexpected. It is one of the most stressful life experiences, so it’s normal to feel angry, hurt, depressed, scared, grief at all that you’ve lost, or anxious about what the future holds.

You’re out of work, you’re out of a paycheck, and you may lose the bond you have with your co-workers because it won’t ever really be the same again even though you’ll promise to stay in touch. It’s painful. site de rencontre avec des prostitué their website couple speed dating new york swinger poly dating app top 10 site de rencontre 2013 rencontre avec femmes handicap es There are many things you can do to take control of the situation, maintain your spirits, and come out of this difficult period stronger and more resilient.

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” -Maria Robinson


Don’t get discouraged


You are probably going to not hear back from more employers than you expected. Unfortunately, many agencies don’t hassle to notify candidates who weren’t decided on. The interview process can be a lot longer than you anticipated. You may be requested to interview three or four, or even more instances, before a hiring choice is made. Expect this to take a while, and try not to feel down if you don’t get hired right away. It’s now not you – the organisation is seeking out the candidate who’s the best fit. It’s better, even though it may not feel that way, not to get hired than to have a job that doesn’t work out.


Stay Strong and Motivated

Your natural reaction at this difficult time may be to withdraw from friends and family out of disgrace or embarrassment. However don’t underestimate the significance of different people when you’re faced with the strain of activity loss and unemployment. Social contact is nature’s antidote to stress. Since the face and heart are wired together in the brain, nothing works better at calming your nervous system than talking face to face with a good listener.

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Stay Positive

A positive attitude about life keeps lower-frequency thoughts and feelings at bay, which deplete your energy. No matter what situation you encounter, try to remain positive. You will thank yourself later for the burst of energy you feel.

The Power of Positive Thinking

Take care of yourself

If you haven’t seen your family in a while, consider visiting them when you can. There’s no place like home. Family can remind you what’s important in life and give you some support.

Ask for help


Most importantly, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Friends and family will be glad to assist, but they can’t if they don’t know that you need assistance.


Review your resume

Before you start applying for jobs, take the time to update your resume. Be sure to include your most relevant skills and match your qualifications to the job. That will give you the best shot at getting selected for an interview.

Resumes, Cover Letters, Networking, and Interviewing 4 International ed Edition

Focus on job search.

Focus on the job listings that are a match for your interests and skills, and in a location where you want to work. Don’t waste your time applying for jobs that aren’t a good fit. This is a competitive job market and if you’re not qualified you aren’t going to be considered.


Connect with your network

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This is a good time to connect with your network. Use social media, your college alumni network, and your professional and personal networks to get help for your job search. Ask your connections to let you know if they come across jobs that would be suitable for you.

Get References

While you’re connecting with your network, Line up a few references , consider who would be good to use for a reference. That’s especially important if you were fired. So they can expect a call when you start interviewing.

Stay Busy

When people have idle time, they tend to get stressed easily and let their minds wander. This can lead to feeling off-task and without purpose, which gives us more time to think. Overthinking can make you depressed, stressed and exhausted. To combat these feelings, keep your mind busy and focused so you can achieve clarity and perform to the best of your ability each day for job search.


If you have a plan in place, you will likely feel excited to work toward accomplishing those goals. This will keep you focused and on-task for searching best fit job. When you rise to your full potential, you realize your true power and activate previously dormant energy. Say something like “I’m amazing and can accomplish whatever I want.”



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