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by Not Zero | 9:03 am

It all starts from the time when we want individuals to look at us and be like, we want people to feel attraction for us because we’re seen as cool.

As a result, we start saying things and behaving in ways to make us look cooler so we are more likely to be accepted by our peers…

Clothing and Office Culture

As a general rule, try to fit in to the culture in your company. If you dress completely differently from everyone else in your company, you will stand out and not in a good way. Dressing in a manner appropriate to the company culture shows that you are a team player and are concerned about the kind of image you and your company present to clients. Get a copy of your company’s dress code policy.

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Take care of those good-quality clothes you’ve invested in. The dry cleaner and the tailor are about to become important people in your life. The most expensive suit in the world can still look terrible if it is dirty or fits poorly.

Give importance to colours

Colorful male shirts in shop

Colour psychology is concerned with how certain colours effect emotions, perceptions and reactions. Interior designers have used this to their advantage for years by letting blue relax people, yellow excite them or purple make them feel sensual. You can, of course, have the same effect on people’s perceptions with your clothes; even the colour of something as subtle as your tie or shoes can have a massive impact on how seriously someone will take you.

Black symbolises power and sophistication.

Yellow is the colour most likely to cause eye strain and encourage feelings of anger or frustration.

White is associated with purity and serenity .White is the classic colour for an office shirt because it provides a good background for the statement colour of a tie.

Purple is a colour that has historically been associated with wealth or royalty.

Red is a powerful colour associated with speed, aggression and excitement. Red is a colour that provokes strong emotions.

Brown is a colour that symbolises age and maturity and this can make someone wearing brown seem wise.

Blue is a calming colour that inspires serenity.

Orange is one of the safest colours to wear. It is associated with warmth and enthusiasm and has very few negative associations.

Green evokes nature, tranquillity and good luck.

Pink is associated with femininity, love and romance.


Six Days Six Clothes  

When you see the same people every day for a prolonged period of time, it can be difficult to avoid repeating outfits and to keep churning out new looks. One of the fastest ways to make sure you don’t repeat outfits too often is to organize your clothes so you can see all the options. Whether this simply means putting your clothes away in the dresser or completely reorganizing your entire clothing storage system, it’s ok. As long as you can see virtually all your options without having to dig through piles of clothing or go through drawers that have been crammed full of clothes, you will be able to keep track of the clothes that you have worn recently and the ones which could use some airing out.

Grooming is Important


Personal grooming is very important. To be able to function and fit in in today’s society, you must make sure your personal grooming is up to standard. Job opportunities, relationship possibilities, and invitations to parties and other social events are all inextricably linked to how you present yourself to the world. Grooming is simply one of those things that there is no excuse not to take time and effort with.

  1. Hair.

Frequent shampoo and conditioner use, and regular haircuts are “must-dos” when it comes to your overall grooming routine. If you look after your hair properly, it goes a long way to giving you a “million dollar” look that everyone aims for.

  1. Nails.

Fingernails and toenails must be kept clean and trimmed. Clean fingernails are important in the professional workplace and also in situations like casual lunch and classy dinner dates.

     3. Skin

When your skin looks good, it has a tremendous positive flow-on effect, making you feel and better and more confident.

   4. Clothing

Don’t be afraid to wear something a bit attention-grabbing if you’re going out on a date or hoping to impress someone. Basically, just take care of your clothes, and wear ones that fit properly.

   5. Teeth

It goes without saying that clean teeth are healthy teeth, so try and make sure you brush at least twice a day and maintain good oral care.

Minimum Accessories

Beautiful men fashion on wooden background

Adhering to the office dress code shouldn’t mean having to sacrifice style. While wearing suits and straight-fitted trousers will provide you with an appearance that’s both polished and professional, adding on some accessories can help perk up your attire, giving your look some personality.

A basic guideline to consider when it comes to wearing accessories in the workplace is that less is generally best. If you’re wearing multiple loops and hoops that dangle and jangle, odds are that you’ll be a walking distraction around the office. Remember: Accessories are mainly meant to complement your wardrobe, not outdo it.

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