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Banking News

After outlining loan recast plan, RBI has begun dialogue with stakeholders, including bankers and insolvency professionals, to work on their role details and timelines. There is a definite sense of urgency, though no timelines

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Banking News

Employee unions in IDBI Bank have urged the management to withdraw its decision to engage an external agency for suggesting cost-cutting solutions.The United Forum of IDBI Officers and Employees have shot off a letter

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Office Love Story

Cupid in the cubicle can be a problem for employers unprepared to deal with the fallout from workplace romances. On Valentine’s Day experts warn that many employers are surprised by the effects of intra-office

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Fired by a Bully

“I worked for the Law School Admission Counsel, the company which administers the LSAT. My boss never liked me and why she hired me is still unclear. She bullied me extensively, yelling me in

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Well I’ll still pay for it

I once did the opening shift at a big Italian cafe. I would get there before dawn and have about an hour of darkness and spooky silence before a usual batch of early risers

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