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comment flirter avec une fille sur internet site rencontrer gratuit rencontres seniors valence elite dating app raya rencontre femme plus jeune markets forex great site site de rencontre milieu medical dallas tx dating site Force yourself to do something unpleasant or difficult, or to be brave in a difficult situation

A more specific meaning of the phrase is to accept unpleasant consequences of one’s assumed beliefs. Sound reasoning requires its practitioner to always sustain a consistent set of beliefs. This may involve accepting a disturbing belief that is a consequence of one’s currently held beliefs. It may be disturbing because it is counterintuitive or has other disturbing consequences. Given a philosopher’s currently held beliefs that he or she is not prepared to give up, he or she may have to bite the bullet by accepting a particular claim offered as an extreme case or putative counterexample.


I hate to face the boss, but I’ll just have to bite the bullet.

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Abide, Bear, Endure, Stand, Suffer, Take, Tolerate.

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