by Not Zero | 11:38 pm see enter site source johnstown pa dating site cadeau 1 an de rencontre source url nasaan ang dating tayo sites de rencontres mobiles Force yourself to do something unpleasant or difficult, or to be brave in a difficult situation

A more specific meaning of the phrase is to accept unpleasant consequences of one’s assumed beliefs. Sound reasoning requires its practitioner to always sustain a consistent set of beliefs. This may involve accepting a disturbing belief that is a consequence of one’s currently held beliefs. It may be disturbing because it is counterintuitive or has other disturbing consequences. Given a philosopher’s currently held beliefs that he or she is not prepared to give up, he or she may have to bite the bullet by accepting a particular claim offered as an extreme case or putative counterexample.


I hate to face the boss, but I’ll just have to bite the bullet.

Related words :

Abide, Bear, Endure, Stand, Suffer, Take, Tolerate.

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