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Banking News

Employee unions in IDBI Bank have urged the management to withdraw its decision to engage an external agency for suggesting cost-cutting solutions.The United Forum of IDBI Officers and Employees have shot off a letter

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Hair Dressing

When going to the barbers there can often be many questions that come to mind. In particular, what haircut should I get and how to ask for a haircut properly. When asking for a haircut it’s

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Skin Care

It’s important to take care of your skin. Give it the care it deserves with our products and advice. Skin care for men can be easy, as long as you’ve got the right products

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Look Cool at Work

It all starts from the time when we want individuals to look at us and be like, we want people to feel attraction for us because we’re seen as cool. As a result, we

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Jaguar Classic Black EDT

The restrained version Jaguar traditional Black is the definitive advent of Dominique Preyssas and launched in 2009. The crunchy opening notes of inexperienced apple, tangerine and orange deliver photos of brilliant, colorful orchards of

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Bio Care Wine & Beer Scrub

Bio care wine & beer scrub contain blueness (water), saturated fatty acid, Walnut (Juglans regia) shell, Osto Ste aryl Alcohol, Glycerin, Iso propyl group Palmitate, Paraffinic Liquidium, Grape Extract, perfume, caustic potash, alkyl Paraben,

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Beardo Beard Growth and Scalp hair oil

Beardo hair oil is intended exploitation ingredients like herb, Sesame, Rose and mallow oils and B-complex vitamin, far-famed to stimulate the assembly of hair follicles. It Condition, smooth, moisturize, build those lovely beards and hair

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Office Love Story

Cupid in the cubicle can be a problem for employers unprepared to deal with the fallout from workplace romances. On Valentine’s Day experts warn that many employers are surprised by the effects of intra-office

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Coffee Break !!!!

Swallow a gulp of coffee wasn’t a waste of time -instead, it could actually nurture professional relationships. I am not going to tell you how to make coffee. I know your coffee tastes better

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Fired by a Bully

“I worked for the Law School Admission Counsel, the company which administers the LSAT. My boss never liked me and why she hired me is still unclear. She bullied me extensively, yelling me in

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